Equifund Token EQF

 We're happy to announce that our Equifund Token goona be sold by Initial Dex Offering (IDO). We apply for listing to trade EQF token on 


Smart Contract Address :  



How to get Equifund Token (EQF)


Get Equifund Token by sending TRX or USDT to this TRC-20 adress : TEgxzKxGP6Ua9RFws1cvMga1XjUtTyqieU

You will get EQF tokens to your wallet directly after receiving payment


IDO Price : 1 USDT

for 1 000 000 000 EQF token

Contact us for more info.

Purchase limits

Minimum Purchase : 1 $

Maximum Purchase : No Limit


You can buy tokens also on 


and start earning by adding liquiduity to earn EQF and TRX tokens 

Total token supply

1 000 000 000 000 000


98% Private & Public Sale
1% Airdrop
1% Team


About Equifund Token (EQF) team

We are a team of independent traders operating on the market since 2005. The experience gained in various analytical and trading positions prompted us to create a revolutionary project based on a combination of derivatives and a invest fund. Digital assets allow you to completely cut yourself off from large financial institutions, to deprive them of their earnings at our expense. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, we are able to create an ecosystem without unnecessary commissions and license fees, only profit counts.

How it works ?

The payout of derivatives will be based on the profit generated by us through trading on the stock exchange without the possibility of losing funds through the use of professional and long-term proven methods of trading.

Example of the payouts

1. Investor ICO with 2000 USDT receive 1000 Equifund Token (EQF) and 1% percent from derivative payouts
2. ICO investor with 200 USDT receive 100 Equifund Token (EQF) and 0.1% percent from derivative payouts
3. Late investor after ICO with 200 USDT receives 10 Equifund Token (EQF) and 0.01% percent from derivative payouts



When I got my first derivative payout

One month after "ICO" sale ends and after that time you will get payouts in USDT or TRX every month

Do I need stake or locked my tokens to get payout?

No, if you are ICO investor, after that time You need only hold your tokens at your wallet at specific time every month. We will be doing a snapshot of token holders after ICO sale. More news on our social media.

Can I earn crypto in the other ways?

Yes, you can earn Equifund Tokens EQF and TRX by adding liqudity to EQF - TRX trading pair on


Our team


CEO of Equifund Token (EQF), active trader from 2012


Long history trader From 2005 working for international financial institutions as a trader analysis specialist


An experienced trader and financial analyst cooperating with the largest institutions in the European Union.





Thanks for submitting!



Private and public token sale

After completing the IDO process, we will create a base of our early investors and register them in our payout system.


Start trading by our team

One moth after start working on trade markets, all IDO investors get they first payout. You choose by voting whether you want to receive USDT or TRX withdrawals.


Make our product available to as many interested as possible

Apply for lisitng Equifund Token on centralised exchenges.

Connecting our token with the ethereum standard (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Financial statemant

At the year after IDO we will show all our investors financial statemant from previous months.